Silver Shimmer Shampoo

  • This product has a twofold action which includes cleansing and colour neutralising. 
  • Will counter act the yellow undertones in bond and greys.
  • Yellowing occurs as a result of natural oxidation on chemically processed blonds, this product will result in a more natural blond


Silver Touch Conditioner

  • This formula moisture enrich and conditions hair with a great ability to enhance blond and platinum undertones in the hair. 
  • The anti-oxidising and pH correcting formula will reduce the porosity of the hair, leaving the hair feeling softer and more manageable, while supressing unwanted yellow undertones in the hair.


Eezi Blond

  • Neutralize yellow undertones on all blond and grey hair. 
  • Reduce mechanical stress during blow-waving. 
  • Reduce static and fly away hair.


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